fox eye lift threats in dubai

Fox Eye Thread Lift In Dubai Without Surgery

Fox Eye Thread Lift in dubai – What is Fox eye lift ? In this method, the doctor pulls and raises the outer corner of the upper eyelid, causing the eyelid to be stretched towards the temples, and the so-called individual eye, like fox eyes.

Many people think that fox eye lift and drooping eyelid treatment is possible only through surgery, but in this article we want to introduce you to the fox eye lift method in Dubai by Dr. Abbas Ashrafzadeh, without surgery.

The most common methods for fox eye lift without eye lift surgery; Floss eye lift and plasma eye lift can be performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis, and after such operations, the person can resume their daily activities without the need for a special recovery period.

According to statistics, after rhinoplasty,’s cosmetic eye surgery is in the second category of cosmetic surgeries, which today has found a lot of fans of fox eye lift with thread, so stay tuned to talk more about this operation.

Fox eye lifts should only be performed by experienced physicians, as a mistake in performing this operation can lead to complications such as asymmetry of the eyelids, excessive stretching of the eyes, infection, and so on.

The doctors in our collection use a minimally invasive procedure to perform fox eye surgery to maintain the normal condition of the skin in the corner of the eye, to prevent abnormal stretching, to leave no scars, and to achieve the best possible result from this operation.

Fox eye operation with thread

fox eye lift dubai
fox eye lift dubai

In the practice of thread fox eye lift, like other thread lift methods, PDO threads are used, which are absorbable threads. Of course, it is necessary to note that due to the sensitivity of the skin around the eyes, the threads used in fox eye surgery are slightly thinner than other threads.

One of the most popular methods of lifting the corner of the eye without the need for surgery is flossing the eye, which can be done without the need for anesthesia and with local anesthesia. After anesthetizing the area, the doctor inserts absorbable sutures into the skin using special needles and pulls them out, which pulls the eyes, or the so-called fox’s eye. The operation time of a fox eye with a thread is less than one hour.

After flossing the eye, there are no scars on the face and no damage to the eyes. The lifespan of a floss eye lift is between 12 and 18 months, and it is not actually a permanent way to stretch the eyes and needs to be renewed.

Applications of thread fox eye surgery:

fox eye lift threats in dubai 2022
fox eye lift threats in dubai 2022
  • Create wild eyes
  • Eye strain
  • Fix wrinkles around the eyes
  • Raise the outer corner of the eye

Benefits of thread fox eye lift in Dubai by Dr.Abbas Ashrafzadeh

fox eye lift
fox eye lift
  • This operation is performed without the need for anesthesia and hospitalization.
  • He has a very short recovery period.
  • The results are completely natural.
  • High safety;
  • No scars remain on the skin.
  • The cost of floss eye lifts is much lower than eye lifts.

Who are the right candidates for fox eye surgery?

fox eye dubai
fox eye dubai

In the practice of cosmetic eye surgery or fox eye surgery; The muscles that connect the eyelids are pulled up and down. Suitable candidates for this action are people who:

  • This procedure is suitable for people who have drooping outer corners of the eyelids and are looking for a way to enlarge their eyes.
  • In addition to making the eyes bigger, this action also eliminates the drowsiness and depression of the eyes.
  • This action is suitable for people who are looking for a way to be more beautiful and attractive.
  • This operation is suitable for people who like to have bigger and more beautiful eyes.
  • This operation is suitable for people who like to have long and wild eyes.

The cost of Fox Eye Thread Lift In Dubai

foxy eyes lift in dubai
foxy eyes lift in dubai

The cost of fox eye surgery varies depending on the type of operation, the equipment required, the clinic tariff and the doctor’s salary.

If you are looking for a way to make your eyes bigger! If you are looking for non-surgical eye lift methods! The best solution for you is a fox eye operation by thread or plasma jet, which if performed by a specialized and skilled doctor, you will achieve attractive and attractive eyes without dangerous and special complications.


The results of a threaded fox eye lift are visible after the surgery is over, and you can feel the changes, and the results, as we said, are temporary but will last for a long time, about two years. Will be seen on your face.

Recovery and recovery operation of fox eye operation with thread:

There will be no recovery period for fox eye surgery, and you can resume your daily activities after surgery.

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