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How Can i Have Russian Lips Style With Filler

Russian lips Style, is one of the requests that many clients have from us and want to have Russian lips.

To have Russian lips, we need to inject some filler into your lips.
Of course, this has its own technique and must be done by a specialist.
If you do not want your results to disappoint you, be sure to have a consultation with Dr. Abbas Ashrafzadeh .

What is a Russian lip Filler?

You may have heard the term a lot these days, that I used the Russian lip model.
Russian lip model is a special and new style, to have Russian model lips, usually more than 1 cc of filler will be injected.

This is a very important point that many do not pay attention to.
Before injecting the filler, we must carefully examine the blood circulation in the lips as well as the lip tissue.

The reason for this test is that it may reduce the amount of blood circulation in your lips due to the fact that a large amount of filler is injected into your lips.

Who Can i Have Russian Lips Style With Filler
russian lip

If the blood circulation in your lips decreases:

  • Your lips turn pale
  • The natural color of the lips is lost

Therefore, in order to inject Russian lip filler, a complete examination of your lips must be performed.

Also, after the injection, an examination must be done to make sure that there is no problem in the circulation of the lips.

Russian lip filler injection technique

russian filler injection

Injection of Russian lip filler should be done carefully, as mentioned above, if the items are not followed well, there may be consequences.
For this purpose, we will tell you the steps in full:

  • First, an examination is performed by a doctor (consultation session)
  • Then we inject 1 cc of filler into your lips and give it a chance for a week to 10 days.
  • Then we can continue treatment.
  • We inject more fillers into your lips to achieve the desired result

Do Russian lip fillers have side effects?

Yes, if it is not done by a specialist, it can reduce lip blood circulation, and as a result, lip color will go out of its normal state and can give your lips a bad shape.

To prevent complications, be sure to have a consultation with a specialist to have an examination.
After making sure there is no problem, treatment can be done.

Do you do Russian model lip filler?

Yes, with more than 10 years of experience in this field

What is the Russian lip filler technique?

First lip examination, 1 cc injection, after 10 days continue treatment

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