stretch mark treatment

stretch mark treatment : 5 Best Way

Stretch mark treatment has many methods, including laser, mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, which is performed by Dr. Abbas Ashrafzadeh

Stretch marks or skin cracks are among the problems caused by internal factors in the body. In the following, we will deal with this category and examine its aspects.

Due to the resistance of the stretch mark to the treatment methods, it is necessary to treat it in a principled and skillful way, so that the results are satisfactory with

Dr.abbas Ashrafzadeh

What is a stretch mark and how is it treated?

what is stretch mark
what is stretch mark

Skin cracks are caused by stretching of the skin layers, which are caused by the separation of layers of skin due to obesity, pregnancy, etc.

Pregnancy, weight gain, sudden growth, puberty and obesity are some of the things that cause these lines on the skin.
Of course, aggravating factors such as genetics, gender and age are not unaffected by the stretch mark.

The main cause of these cracks in simple language is the sudden stretching of the skin in a short time, which is caused by the growth of organs.

These cracks are usually found in areas such as the buttocks, thighs, arms, chest and abdomen. Some athletes even develop stretch marks and see skin cracks in their explosively growing limbs.

stretch mark treatments

If for any reason you see stretch marks on your skin, you can seek treatment without worry.
Fortunately, there are many methods for treating stretch marks based on the extent and severity of the lesion.

microderm for stretch mark

1- Microdermabrasion

Another method of treating striae microdermabrasion is smoothing the skin with fine crystals to remove old skin and new skin coming out, which is more stretchy under the symptoms of striae. Microdermabrasion can improve the appearance of old stretch marks.

2- Fractional RF

In the fractional RF method, the way it works is that the electromagnetic waves, which are in the form of transmitter and receiver, move and move in different layers of the skin tissue, causing heat, and finally by creating collagen and stimulating them.

Leads to the removal of stretch marks and treatment of striae.

3- Fractional co2 laser

stretchmark laser
stretchmark laser

This method is very similar in nominal and nature to the above method, but it is a different treatment method for striae. In this method, you treat the striae by shining very narrow rays of laser light, and large volumes of laser light are no longer needed.

4- Mesotherapy

One of the ways to treat skin cracks is mesotherapy. This method is one of the newest treatments and skin care; It was invented about 60 years ago by French medicine. Mesotherapy is non-invasive and painless.

This method can be useful in repairing stretch marks due to the use of natural materials needed by the skin for collagen production.

5- PDL laser

In certain cases, and especially for red lines, specific treatments such as PDL laser can also help, but in general, the best and most effective treatment for skin cracks is microneedling, followed by fractional CO2 laser.


There are various methods to get rid of stretch marks and you can treat this issue in Dr. Abbas Ashrafzadeh Clinic, located in Dubai.
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