russian lip filler dubai

russian lip filler dubai

Russian Lip Filler Dubai by Dr. Abbas Ashrafzadeh, Russian lip filler is one of the popular methods in Dubai

Russians have beautiful faces and are known as one of the most beautiful races in the world. Their lips are one of the strengths in their face and multiply the beauty of their face. It is interesting to know that the lines on the lips are very attractive if they are clearer, so when injecting Russian lip gel, the focus is on these beautiful lines.

Russian lip model

In this method, the volume of the lips will definitely increase, but it is so natural and attractive that you will fall in love with it yourself. If you are one of the people who have a small upper lip, this model is very suitable for you and makes your face more beautiful than before. Having voluminous yet natural lips requires the expertise and skill of a doctor to do this with principles and rules.

Advice before injecting Russian model lip filler

russian lip filler
russian lip filler

If you are planning to inject your lips, it is better to do a little research to get acquainted with the types of injections. There is no doubt that injecting Russian-style lip gel is a very attractive and impressive model, but the problem is that it is better to Consult your cosmetologist. The doctor should suggest the best method for you according to the shape of your face and the individual components of your face.

If you are careful in choosing a beauty clinic and have chosen a reputable clinic with experienced and experienced doctors, the result will satisfy you so much that when you see yourself in the mirror, you will notice that your eyes sparkle with great taste. This is job satisfaction, which is more important than anything.

Brand used in lip filler injection in dubai

Do not forget that the gel brand is one of the factors that affect the quality of work and do not underestimate it. So in this case, ask your doctor to use the best brand on the market for you and do not risk your beauty, although there is no need to worry about choosing a first-class collection, because a good collection does not use a low-quality brand. does not.

Benefits of Russian lip filler injection in dubai

russian lip filler injection dubai
russian lip filler dubai

Surely you are looking for a beautiful and natural face and you do not want the appearance of your face to be non-standard. What do you expect from a lip injection? Are you looking for a natural and special form? Do you want to increase the volume of your lips to a natural state? russian lip filler dubai will definitely be one of your best choices that you will not regret doing.

This model helps the volume and appearance of the lips, which gives a unique beauty to your lips. As you know, camel or duck lips have a lot of volume and may not fit the overall mimicry of your face and completely affect your self-confidence and you will be disappointed. But in this method, you will see beauty completely imperceptible on the face. The Russian model is more focused on the lip form and does not sacrifice quality for quantity. If this is your first injection, the Russian model is one of the best options available.

The reason for injecting russian lip filler

As you know, the shape of the lips changes with age and may even appear sagging. You can easily solve these problems by injecting gel. Sometimes problems such as seeing the gums when laughing can make you very upset. Injecting lip gel and enlarging the lips will solve this problem and the gums will no longer be visible, and this is a unique masterpiece and solution to cover the gums by Lip gel injection is provided.

Change of the upper lip in the injection of Russian lip gel

The upper lip is the point at which much attention is paid to this model and the focus is on it. This makes the lips stand out naturally and in a way makes the lips beautiful and lifts and makes the lip lines look more natural. Russian lip gel injections usually last 12 months, but if for any reason this shelf life decreases, you can see your doctor for repair.

Care after lip gel injection

Definitely, after the injection, the blood supply to your lips will increase, and a few days before applying the lip gel, you should use an ice pack and take medications such as vitamin D and anticoagulants, etc.

Avoid eating and drinking until the numbness is gone, as your lips are numb and your lips may become bitten and damaged when you eat.

Avoid strenuous exercise on the same day of the injection and do not expose yourself to extreme heat. Do not forget that alcoholic beverages cause inflammation and swelling of your lips.

Does gel injection hurt?

If you have never had a lip gel injection and have just decided to do so, you may be a little worried about the severity of the lip gel injection pain. We must say that there is no worry and you will increase the beauty of your lips in peace. The gel is usually injected with various anesthetics and you will not notice the slightest pain and no frown will sit on your forehead due to the pain.

It is much easier to inject lip gel because it uses fewer entry points. Even when the syringe is inserted on your lips, you will not feel special and it will be a good experience for you.

Lastly, do not forget that beauty is your share and do whatever makes you feel good. Beauty also has an effect on increasing self-confidence. It is enough to not go to extremes in doing things so that we do not regret doing things later. Taking care of your appearance and face is also effective in increasing your personal mood and makes your heart feel good.

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