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Face lift with thread/pros and cons

As human skin ages, it loses its smoothness and firmness, which causes facial skin wrinkles. Today, there are various methods to eliminate facial skin sagging, of course, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of these methods are new and have very few disadvantages compared to other methods. Face lift with thread is one of these methods.

Until a few years ago, the only way to treat sagging and sagging skin was face lift surgery; A difficult surgery with many risks and a long recovery period. Of course, there are many rejuvenation methods that have a long history, but the results of most of them were not comparable to the final results of lift surgery. In fact, the only way to fix sagging skin was to remove excess skin with the help of a surgical blade.

Lift surgery, although it can lead to wonderful results, has many risks and high costs; For this reason, many applicants are either not interested in going under the surgical blade or are unable to do so due to their physical and mental conditions. For this reason, more modern and less invasive methods were invented for face lift, of which thread lift is one of them.

What is a thread face lift?

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A thread facelift is a rejuvenation procedure in which temporary or absorbable sutures are used to lift or raise the skin. Temporary sutures are worked under the skin and have 2 amazing rejuvenation effects on your face:

  • Lifting and tightening the skin
  • stimulation of collagen formation
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1) Lifting and tightening the skin

In this method, there is no need to use a surgical blade and no cuts or incisions are made on the skin. Instead, the expert surgeon makes changes under the skin to lift and tighten the facial skin. In fact, instead of cutting the excess skin, the surgeon collects and tightens them using sutures so that the sagging is no longer visible on the skin surface. So you will have younger and more beautiful skin without the hassles of lift surgery.

2) stimulation of collagen formation

It is interesting to know that the threads worked under the skin, apart from making the skin firm and in good shape, slow down the aging process of the skin and fight it. These stitches stimulate the skin’s “reparative process” to cause the body to produce large amounts of collagen near the treated areas. This amazing effect plays an important role in reaching our goals; Because collagens are one of the main factors of skin youth and beauty.

What is collagen and what role does it play in our body?

Collagen is a protein deep in our skin that has many uses in the body. These protein strands are used to repair wounds and make our skin look vibrant and strong, plump and refreshed. As we age, our body produces less and less collagen until eventually 80% of the thickness of our skin is reduced by the age of 70.

Types of lifts with thread

In this method of skin rejuvenation, we make a scaffold under the skin using metal threads. The thickness of these threads is about a strand of hair. Threads may be made of expensive metals such as platinum, gold or synthetic fibers such as polyester or kapron or a combination of synthetic polymers with other materials.
We perform a thread lift using 3 types of threads:

  • Absorbent threads
  • Non-absorbable threads
  • Mixed yarns

Advantages of thread face lift

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Natural results

In face lift with thread, the natural and original features of the face are preserved. Threads delicately solve the problems of the face and make the skin look beautiful. They do this without changing the shape or features of the face.

High safety

We can also use thread lift in the eyebrow or eyelid areas and, for example, lift drooping eyelids. Unlike other lifting methods that cannot be performed in many parts of the face, we can use thread lifting in the most sensitive areas.

Disadvantages of thread face lift

Limited changes

In lift surgery, major changes are made in ligaments, muscles and subcutaneous tissues. We can’t do these things in elevator with thread. In this method, we can only make changes in the surface curvature of the face by maintaining the main structure of the skin. Therefore, we recommend this rejuvenation method to younger clients (between 20 and 50 years old).

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